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fabrication/fabricant: nature
nom/numéro de modèle: premium Canadian night crawlers
taille/dimensions: varies


Hello Everyone, We are Simon's Live Bait from Toronto, One of the top supplier for a wholesale Canadian worms in Canada and USA(Expanding).

Retail Price Contact us by email.
There are 12/18/24 Count Cups of night crawlers
Free cooler and installation.
Flat of 500 Worms ( Please contact us to provide you with most reliable price and schedule.)

We are in the middle of the fishing season. Do you want to catch the fish of your lifetime during this season? Why don't you start your fishing high quality of live worms? We, Simon's live baits, provides unparalleled quality of Canadian lived baits. There are three absolute reasons why our customers choose Simon's live bait: quality, various options and safety

To begin with, In order to address your satisfaction, Simon's Live baits selects the best of live baits from our five different selected farms: Stratford, Woodstock. Mitchel, Kitchener and Listowel. In deed, all of Simon's live bait not only fills five different farms with organic soils, but also greatly takes care of the health of every single worm. Therefore, the weight and the size of our live baits are bigger than others from different bait suppliers.

In addition, You can choose two possible size options: either the smaller sizes of 24 numbers of lived bait or 12 larger size of lived bait which will be packed with the high organic soil. Furthermore, You can buy the high quality of organic soils which is our secret of raising premium quality of the lived baits. No matter how cheap your current soil purchase would be, we will match the price.

Lastly, just in order to address our satisfaction, our workers diligently, regularly check the conditions about the packages until your order is successfully delivered to your ordering address. Our package for your orders will be double protected with very thick layers of Styrofoam, which maintains the proper temperatures of the room for the lived bait.

Simon's live bait guarantees the Quality, various options and safety. The Simon's Live baits looks forward to establishing and maintaining business relationships with you. Please feel free to contact us by email at the right top of this AD, then we will be happy to provide you with more accurate and detailed information.

*minimum order : 12count cups Box of 50
Flats>>> 2 flats ( 500flats each)

Thank you for your interest in this post.

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